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May 2022 Vol. 20 No. 5


Front-line Researchers

  • Hiroshi Sawada, Senior Distinguished Researcher, NTT Communication Science Laboratories

Rising Researchers

  • Sousuke Imamura, Distinguished Researcher, NTT Space Environment and Energy Laboratories

Feature Articles: Development of IOWN with Global Partners

  • Progress in the Development of IOWN Technology
  • Study on Open All-Photonic Network in IOWN Global Forum
  • Data-centric-infrastructure Functional Architecture
  • Study of Storage Services at IOWN Global Forum

Regular Articles

  • The Challenge to Develop an Artificial Photosynthesis Device that Fixes CO2 Using the Sun

Global Standardization Activities

  • Latest Research Results and ITU-T Standardization Activities on Soft Errors Caused by Cosmic Rays

External Awards/Papers Published in Technical Journals and Conference Proceedings