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August 2016 Vol. 14 No. 8


Front-line Researchers

  • Akira Fujiwara, Senior Distinguished Researcher, NTT Basic Research Laboratories

Feature Articles: Forefront Research on Bio-soft Materials

  • Overview of Bio-soft Material Research at NTT
  • Fabrication of Nanobiodevices that Utilize the Function of Membrane Proteins
  • Pattern Formation of Supported Lipid Bilayer for Molecular Manipulation
  • Neuronal Growth on Artificial Structures with Different Materials
  • Time-lapse Imaging of Neural Morphological Changes Relating to Cellular Functions
  • On-chip Graphene Biosensor
  • Conductive Composite Material for Vital Data Measurement

Regular Articles

  • Substrate-transfer Technique Using h-BN for GaN-based High-power Transistors
  • Path Accommodation Design Engine for Simply and Reliably Designing Multi-layer Transport Networks

Global Standardization Activities

  • Trajectory of ITU-T Standardization and Key Issues at the ITU-T CJK CTO Meeting

Practical Field Information about Telecommunication Technologies

  • Recent Case Study of Fault in IP Phone User System

External Awards/Papers Published in Technical Journals and Conference Proceedings