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April 2022 Vol. 20 No. 4


Front-line Researchers

  • Kazuhide Nakajima, Senior Distinguished Researcher, NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories

Rising Researchers

Feature Articles: Software Technologies in the Data-centric Era

  • Software Technologies in the Data-centric Era
  • Next-generation Data Hub for Secure and Convenient Data Utilization across Organizational Boundaries
  • High-resolution Multi-camera Analysis Infrastructure to Support Future Smart Cities
  • Test-activity Analysis for Efficient Iterative Testing

Feature Articles: The Forefront of Nanomechanics Research

  • Nanomechanics: Outline and Future Prospects
  • New Method of Chaos Generation by Using Nanomechanical Oscillator
  • Control of Elastic Waves Using Phonon Waveguides and Phononic Crystals
  • Development of an Optomechanical Device with Extremely Low Optical Energy Loss
  • Highly Sensitive Detection and Control of a Nanowire Mechanical Resonator Using an Optical Microcavity
  • Fabrication of Suspended Nanowire Mechanical Devices Using Inkjet Technology

Regular Articles

  • High-speed Tunable Laser Based on Electro-optic Effect for Wavelength Switching

Global Standardization Activities

Practical Field Information about Telecommunication Technologies

  • Development of Loss-evaluation Tool for Efficient Characterization of Optical Fiber Cables

External Awards/Papers Published in Technical Journals and Conference Proceedings